I'm a freelance web and software developer with more than ten years' experience in the new media industry. I've been self-employed since September 2003, having previously been the senior programmer in a small software production company from mid-1993.

As the line below my name suggests, I offer a variety of useful website-related services, from designing and building websites from scratch through to more complex technical tasks such as handling credit card transactions and publishing product catalogues. And I'm happy to take on smaller jobs too, if you need someone to keep your content up-to-date or to fix a problem.

Additionally, I have a great deal of experience of producing multimedia CD-ROMs for educational and training purposes, and continue to work with clients to come up with fresh and inventive ways of delivering information via this medium.

A friendly service

As an English graduate, I know what it's like to be on the other side of the fence. Consequently, I regard it as essential that I provide a service to my clients that's more than just efficient and cost-effective.

It's about communication, an area in which IT still has some way to go. For me, it's vital that my clients feel that they can ask questions, get comprehensible answers, make suggestions, be involved. That way, the whole process is less stressful for everyone...and the end product is always better too.

The fact that nearly all of my clients have come back with further work at a later date is, I hope, testament to the success of this approach.

Find out more

Please take a few moments to browse the website, where you can find further details of my skills and experience, including examples of past work. And then, please feel free to contact me to discuss how I can help.