Although I specialise in using web technologies like HTML and Javascript, I have often come up with imaginative, ground-breaking ways of using them for purposes other than the Internet.

In particular, I have been responsible for building a number of educational CD-ROMs for well-known publishing houses. These have used established, browser-based technologies in highly innovative ways to create stimulating, robust products that have been extremely well-received by clients and customers.

Among many other things, I've created interactive exercises with drag and drop functionality, writing exercises with saving and printing, displays of complex mathematical problems, and graphical interfaces that can quickly and easily be re-used for a whole series of products. And all of these have run within a standard web browser!

Related services

Additionally, I'm able to offer other useful services for your CD-ROM product. These include the creation of installation routines using InstallShield DevStudio, which I can build to your specification even if I haven't been responsible for the rest of the product.