Website design

Having been involved in the design, construction and maintenance of websites for nearly ten years, I know what's needed to make a good site...and what's wrong with a bad site too. As always, I'm happy to share that knowledge, to discuss my thoughts and opinions with you, with the aim of ensuring that your site meets and exceeds everyone's expectations.

While I do undertake design work myself, my main strengths are technical. Too often, either the design or the construction of a website is compromised by having the same person doing two very different tasks. As a result, I often like to bring in design specialists to work alongside me on projects, and I have long-standing working relationships with the people that I use for this purpose, including Sparticle and Desktop Display.

In other words, you get experienced, specialised professionals doing what they do best, and a result that speaks for itself.

Website development

To put it bluntly, I hand-code websites. That is, I type it all myself, with my fingers and a keyboard. An antiquated method, perhaps, but it works. It means that I can create pages with clean, neat code that's easy for someone else to understand, that helps rather than hinders the search engines, that complies with technical standards, and that meets accessibility guidelines. One day, if not now, you'll thank me for it!

As for the more complicated stuff, I've become used to finding practical, robust, affordable solutions to meet a variety of challenges during many years of working with web technologies. Please refer to the case studies page for examples of secure credit card transactions, content management systems, online contribution forms, and suchlike.

And finally, some technical stuff. On the client side, I use XHTML, CSS and Javascript to meet the W3C standards and, if required, accessibility guidelines. On the server side, I can use PHP with MySQL, ASP with Access or SQL Server, ASP.Net, and XML with XSLT. There, that wasn't too painful, was it?

On a smaller scale

As well as undertaking large-scale projects, I'm always happy to give advice on website issues, and to take on smaller maintenance tasks too.

So if you want to get rid of that error message that keeps popping up, you don't know how to change something on one of your pages, or you just want to tell someone about your website woes, do drop me a line and I'll see what I can do.